Natural self tanner

Curasano Spraytan Express

Your natural self tanner

Curasano Spraytan Sentz

The glove for the body

Curasano Spraytan Sentz Mini

The glove for the face

Curasano Spraytan Express Pro

The natural self tanner for professionals

Curasano Tanning Lotion Pro

Suitable for all professional spray tan equipment

Curasano Pre- & Post-tan

The pre and post treatment when tanning

Foundation spray


Curasano Hygel +70% Alcohol

Disinfecting hydroalcoholic hand gel with moisturizing agents

Curasano Hyclean Spray +70% Alcohol

Universal disinfectant with fresh scent

Creaking Bubbles


Reduces fat desposits and cellulite


Invigorating and refreshing

After Sun

with calming and refreshing effect

Pro Hair

Hair protection gel with liquid crystals

Pro Sun

Sun protection SPF 20


Botoskin masks

Facemasks with strong anti-wrinkle effect