Curasano Spraytan Sentz® is a high quality, super soft glove with a microfiber structure designed to smoothly and easily apply Curasano Spraytan Express® in areas where spraying is more difficult (for example the back of the legs). This glove is durable and machine washable. 

  • CategoryNatural self tanner
  • SizesBrown - Black

Curasano Spraytan Sentz

Brown glove for the body

Curasano Spraytan Sentz

Black glove for the body

Curasano Spraytan Express

Your natural self tanner

Curasano Spraytan Sentz Mini

The glove for the face

Usage and treatments

For the face, neck and décolleté it is recommended to spray from a distance of about 30cm.

For the body you can use the Curasano Spraytan Express Sentz glove to to help achieve a smooth and even tan in the more difficult to reach places (the back of your legs for example).

There are almost no differences in the recommended way of applying Curasano Spraytan Express for men or women.

The only difference is that for men with beards it is recommended to use the Curasano Spraytan Sentz glove to ensure a uniform application of the product.


There are several ways to obtain Curasano Spraytan Express:

It is currently not possible to obtain gift cards for Curasano Spraytan Express. We are however looking into offering the possibility to order gift certificates in the near future.

Curasano Spraytan Express is currently already available in gift boxes containing a Curasano Spraytan Express bottle and the unique Curasano Spraytan Sentz glove.