Curasano Spraytan Express® is recommended by dermatologists and skin specialists. Curasano Spraytan Express® is the healthy and safe alternative to obtain a beatiful and smooth bronzed tan without having to expose yourself to the harmful UV-rays of the sun or a solarium.

  • CategoryNatural self tanner
  • Sizes200ml - 150ml - 50ml

After applying the durable selftanning mist you will immediately obtain a beautifully bronzed glow. During the following hours this selftanning solution will continue to evolve and the obtained bronzed tan will remain visible for several days, equal to the natural tanning process.

Advantages of Curasano® Spraytan Express

  • Ensures an immediate beautifully bronzed tan.
  • Nourishes the skin with a rich composition with Aloe Vera, Vitamin-E, Ginseng, ...
  • Easy to apply.
  • A natural tan that remains visible for 5 to 7 days.
  • Healthy and safe treatment for the skin.
  • Recommended by dermatologists, suitable for all skin types.
  • Fantastic feeling, you will feel and look good !
  • Smooth coverage without stripes or spots.
  • Odorless and does not contain any preservatives. 
  • The healthy alternative to sunrays or sunbeds.
  • Dries fast without spots.
  • May be used frequently.
  • Up to 60 treatments of face, neck and décolleté.

Clean the skin thoroughly before application, if necessary use a peeling or scrub.

Step 1 : Shake the bottle well before application.

Step 2 : Keep the bottle at approximately 30 cm from the body while spraying.

Step 3a : Make smooth S-movements while spraying and spray from top to bottom.

Step 3b : If necessary, make use of our specially designed Curasano Spraytan Sentz® or Curasano Spraytan Sentz Mini® glove. Spray Curasano Spraytan Express® on the glove to easily and evenly apply the product.

Step 4 : Let the product dry for about 10 minutes. The drying process can be accelerated by using a hairdryer if necessary.

Curasano Spraytan Express 200ml

The timeless classic!

Curasano Spraytan Express 150ml

Convenient for travel!

Curasano Spraytan Express 50ml

For the handbag!

Curasano Spraytan Sentz

The glove for the body

Curasano Spraytan Sentz Mini

The glove for the face

Usage and treatments

Depending on the area that you want to treat, it is possible to do several treatments with one Curasano Spraytan Express bottle:

• Face, neck and décolleté: 50 to 60 treatments

• Full body: 8 to 10 treatments

To get the best results, it is recommended to apply Curasano Spraytan Express in the morning, preferably on a thoroughly cleansed (and peeled) skin.

For the face, neck and décolleté it is recommended to spray from a distance of about 30cm.

For the body you can use the Curasano Spraytan Express Sentz glove to to help achieve a smooth and even tan in the more difficult to reach places (the back of your legs for example).

Curasano Spraytan Express may safely be used in combination with make-up, but this will reduce the effectiveness of the product and the beautiful tan will only remain visible for two to three days.

For best results it is recommended to use Curasano Spraytan Express on a thoroughly cleansed skin.

Curasano Spraytan Express provides a long-lasting effect that remains visible for several days after application.

The best result (5 to 6 days) can be obtained by applying Curasano Spraytan Express on a thoroughly cleansed skin.

Curasano Spraytan Express will never cause hair discoloration. If you accidentally spray on your hair, you can easily and quickly remove it by washing it with regular shampoo. Of course it is advisable to protect your hair beforehand to avoid this.

Curasano Spraytan Express dries very quickly and is usually absorbed into the skin within a few minutes after application. Thanks to this, the spray will not stain after drying.

To get the best results, it is recommended to let Curasano Spraytan Express dry for at least 10 to 15 minutes after application. Optionally, it is possible to speed up the drying process making use of a hair dryer.

Curasano Spraytan Express can be easily removed by thoroughly washing the treated areas with lemon water. Alternatively, you can use body cleansers or scrubs.

There are almost no differences in the recommended way of applying Curasano Spraytan Express for men or women.

The only difference is that for men with beards it is recommended to use the Curasano Spraytan Sentz glove to ensure a uniform application of the product.


Curasano Spraytan Express is a safe product that has been thoroughly tested by dermatologists.

However, Curasano Spraytan Express contains horse chestnut extract and could possibly cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to nuts.

Curasano Spraytan Express can be used without problems in combination with tanning beds.

Be careful though, Curasano Spraytan Express does not contain protection against the negative effects of UV light. We therefore recommend to use a good sunscreen in combination with Curasano Spraytan Express.

Curasano Spraytan Express does not contain any irritating ingredients and can therefore be safely used on sensitive skin. However, it is recommended to do a quick test on a small area of ​​the skin before applying it on the desired areas of the body.

Curasano Spraytan Express does not have a UV factor and therefore does not protect against the sun. When you use Curasano Spraytan Express you will obtain a beautiful tan, Which in turn lessens the need to expose your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

If you still want to sunbathe, we recommend using a good sunscreen in combination with Curasano Spraytan Express.

During normal usage Curasano Spraytan Express will not cause clogged pores. If you want to use Curasano Spraytan Express on a regular base, we recommend that you wash the treated areas thoroughly, and if possibly also apply a peeling.

Regular use of Curasano Spraytan Express is absolutely safe and will not damage the skin. Of course, we do recommend to use Curasano Spraytan Express in moderation.

Curasano Spraytan Express may be used by anyone regardless of age.


There are several ways to obtain Curasano Spraytan Express:

It is currently not possible to obtain gift cards for Curasano Spraytan Express. We are however looking into offering the possibility to order gift certificates in the near future.

Curasano Spraytan Express is currently already available in gift boxes containing a Curasano Spraytan Express bottle and the unique Curasano Spraytan Sentz glove.

Product questions

Unlike most generic self-tanners Curasano Spraytan Express does not have a strong smell. Thanks to its unique composition, Curasano Spraytan Express is a safe and odorless alternative to quickly obtain a beautiful bronzed skin.

Curasano Spraytan Express is only available in a single color hue. If you want to achieve a darker shade, simply apply Curasano Spraytan Express in multiple treatments.


Thanks to its unique composition, Curasano Spraytan Express does not cause permanent stains. If you accidentally sprayed a bit of the product on clothing, the stain can be easily washed out with soap and water.

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