Want a tan quickly? Choosing a self-tanner is quite the job. You get good advice from friends who got a great tan or you got bad reviews by colleagues, acquaintances, forum users who didn’t have nice experiences with spray tanning.

How do you know which spray tan works best for you? After all, you want to avoid dramas such as a white dress with brown spots, an orange complexion or even worse: streaks and spots suddenly appear on your skin.

We believe in your well-being and the uniqueness of each skin. This is how you can choose the right self-tanner for your skin:

1. Your own tan, just more intense

To prevent you from looking orange, it’s important to look or ask for the active ingredient in the spray tan or self-tanner.

DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is the long-chain omega-3 fatty acid that is also known as an essential nutrient.

This component is therefore not harmful and helps your own pigment to develop.

Result: your own tan just gets more intense. No orange disappointments.

2. Avoid the streaky and stripy as a tiger look

Don’t want streaks or spots on your skin? Follow the instructions.

Applying safe tanning is a wellness moment for yourself. It’s me-time.

Whether you’re getting ready for an event, party or just want a nice tan for summer: you want to feel good so you want to look good. And you love making time for your beauty routine.

1. Step 1: scrubbing

Before you apply the spray tan, we recommend exfoliating.

This way you remove all dead skin cells and prepare your skin for spray tanning.

2. Step 2: apply oil-free lotion

Afterwards you pamper your skin with a moisturizing oil-free lotion or cream and let your skin absorb it deeply.

3. Step 3: spray tanning

Next up: applying the spray tanning itself.

Are you not sure how to get started?

Apply the spray tan to the glove and apply on your skin with the wonderfully soft glove.

3. Your clothes are safe

The secret to prevent stains on your clothing? Let it all dry for a while.

After all, your skin structure is very different over your complete body, in some places it absorbs better than others. So wait 3 to 4 hours to shower after applying the tanning spray and wash without soap, only with water.

All done? Then you are ready to dance in your white dress.

4. Check the brand

Before you buy spray tan, it is best to check the manufacturer. What do you think about the brand online? Where do they distribute their products?

In case their products are for sale at beauty salons or hairdressers, you can first visit these specialists to request more information.

Contact the brand online for all your questions or contact them via social media.

5. Respect for your skin

If you find more about the producer of the self-tanning spray, take a look at what they stand for as a brand.

At Curasano we always consciously choose natural ingredients: we respect your skin, we respect nature and the climate:

For example, the spray cans of our tanning spray do not contain any propellants, but we use the bag on valve system. The lotion is in a sealed room free of oxygen, which means that the product is free from preservation.

The spray tan express contains no animal ingredients and our products are never tested on animals.

Do you have any questions before you start? Check reviews or FAQs and find the spray tan online.