The active ingredients ensure a reduction in fat mass and eliminate the typical "orange peel" effect of cellulite. 

They bring the microcirculation of the skin and blood flow in motion, thus speeding up the process of breaking down stored fat. The active ingredients give the skin a feeling of cold and their effectiveness gives a pleasant and refreshing experience.

  • CategoryCreaking Bubbles
  • Size150 ml

Creaking Bubbles Anti-Cellulite is a soothing massage spray with a unique refreshing and stimulating effect that works through the innovative features of the "creaking micro bubbles" that are formed during the application of the product.

The "creaking bubbles technology" enhances the operation of the product on the skin thanks to the kinetic energy released by the micromassage effect.

The toning and refreshing "creaking bubbles technology" allows the product to act more effectively and can be absorbed quickly and optimally.

  • Shake firmly before usage to ensure that the consistency of the product transforms from liquid to solid form.
  • Spray on palm and distribute small quantities in the appropriate places (legs, hips, waist and buttocks). Slowly massage using little pressure until the product is completely absorbed.
  • The massage movements increase the effect of the operation by the micro bubbles.

TIP: It is recommended to hold the aerosol valve down while spraying. This product several times a day and because it is very rich in active ingredients it is not necessary to use large quantities. 

Anti Cellulite

150 ml

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